MainList: MainList contains all of the sublists and is generally the means of data transfers between functions.

MainList$AccountList: Contains the different types of investment accounts. These are stored in sublists with the first entry being the full name of the umbrella account type and followed by abbreviations for account types that fall under the umbrella. For example: MainList$AccountList$40X contains the following elements: “40X” “401a” “403b” “401k” “403bBL”

MainList$BankList: Contains a list of banks/investment institutions that house checking/savings accounts or cash accounts for investment institution. It is made up of sublists with the first entry being the full name of the institution followed by abbreviations used. For example: MainList$BankList$Ally contains the following elements: “Ally Bank” “Ally”

MainList$BCBList: BCB stands for Banks, Cash, and Bonds. The BCBList is a list of dataframes that hold data for checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, bonds, investment cash accounts, and assets. Standard naming is used for the dataframes depending on the account type.
Checking/Savings: BankAbbreviation_Last4ofAcctNumber: Chase_7438
Investment Cash Account: InstitutionAbbreviation_AccountType_Cash_Last4ofAcctNumber: Fid_Brok_Cash_1243