DEIMOS Financial was born out of my frustration with financial dashboard sites like Mint and Personal Capital. I ran into a number of problems getting accurate numbers from these websites. For instance, my wife and I have some shared bank accounts and some individual bank accounts that predate our marriage. The dashboard sites double count our joint accounts, which is extremely annoying. As such, I thought it would be great to develop my own financial program that I could configure to work however I wanted. 

I am not a professional programmer and, in fact, would call myself a hobbyist. I have some experience using R for statistical analysis at work and it seemed uniquely suited to the task at hand. Hence, I began developing the program in R and the experience I’ve gained through writing DEIMOS Financial has actually been very helpful for me in my day job. 

My ultimate goal is to put all the functions that make up DEIMOS financial into a package that can be easily downloaded. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet given that I am still developing the core features of the program. If you have any desire to help with this, please email me at